Cisco Spark SDKs and Cisco Spark Widgets

Extend access for Spark subscribers to audio-video or messaging into existing apps using our SDKs and Widgets


  • Easy - Cisco Spark SDKs and Cisco Spark Widgets provide the easiest way for developers to embed high quality audio-video calling and messaging into any web or native application.
  • Open - our SDKs and Widgets make your app interoperable with 3rd party collaboration tools by leveraging standard codecs and protocols like H.264, SIP.
  • Integrated with the Cisco Spark platform, including Cisco Spark Messaging, Meetings, Calling, and even our world leading on-premise call control, Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM).
  • Elastic - powered by the Cisco Spark platform.
  • Secured - providing unique end-to-end encryption.

Use Cases

  • Cisco Spark SDKs and Widgets can be embedded in any web or mobile application, customized for enterprises or consumers.
  • Vertical use cases span from field service, remote healthcare, distance learning, financial services, retail to enterprise collaboration.
  • Horizontal use cases can include mobile service worker, remote expert for sales, remote tech support, and more.

SDK vs Widget

  • Cisco Spark Widgets are built on top of our SDKs and leverage Spark User Interface (UI) elements and User Experience (UX).
  • Cisco Spark SDKs let you provide your home-made brand UI and UX.
  • Cisco Spark SDKs and Widgets are leveraging the Cisco Spark platform.


Cisco Spark SDKs are toolkits to easily embed collaboration services in your application

  • Cisco Spark SDK for iOS 9 or greater is written in Swift.
  • Cisco Spark SDK for Android is under construction, click on the Android icon below to be informed.
  • Cisco Spark SDK for WebRTC is written in Javascript. It supports Firefox and Chrome in its latest version.
  • Cisco Spark client-side SDKs provide audio-video only. For messaging, you should consider the widget.

Server Side SDKs

Server Side SDKs are helper libraries

  • SDK for Java
  • SDK for Node.js
  • SDK from the community


Cisco Spark widgets are web components written in React

  • Messaging widget supports any browser for messaging IE Chrome Firefox
  • Meet widget supports Firefox and Chrome