Cisco Spark Depot

The Cisco Spark Depot allows you to promote your Integrations and Bots to all Cisco Spark users, who can easily access the Depot from both mobile and desktop Spark client apps.

Please follow the guidelines in the submission checklist before you submit.

Submission Checklist

  • Valid entries are required in all submission fields. The contents of these fields will be published directly on Cisco Spark Depot for end users to view. For example, the description field should be very clearly written to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for end users.
  • No grammatical errors, foul language, or obscene images in the submission fields or messages rendered in Cisco Spark.
  • For now, Integrations & Bots enablement on the Depot is free for any Spark user. If any payment is needed for your app, the payment should be collected outside of Spark.
  • The Integration or Bot should:
    • be live and active (no tests or demo bots, please)
    • have a proper and active customer support model
    • have a clear privacy policy that explains how the user data is handled
    • have all features well-tested and functional
    • NOT place any ads on Cisco Spark
  • Integration should:
    • be provisioned in the My Apps section. The App ID submitted for Depot should be the same utilized for OAuth on your developer site
    • get user’s permission to invoke Spark APIs on user’s behalf. For this step, the integration should only use the minimum necessary scopes from the list called out at Spark for Developers
    • have a clear landing page where users will be redirected from the Depot. This page should clearly explain the Spark Integration and is NOT your company website’s home page. The landing page should also include a button named “Add to Spark”, clicking on which starts the OAuth process if the integration follows a user-enabled model. If the button appears after login, clear instructions should be provided
  • Bot should:
    • be provisioned in the My Apps section and follow the rules of @mentions in group rooms
    • have a clear description explaining what the user should do after adding the bot to a room, as users will be able to add your Bots to a Spark room directly from the Depot
    • provide a clear on-boarding process for users in the Cisco Spark app. Not all users would read the Depot description in detail or may end up discovering your bot directly in the Cisco Spark app. Consider how your bot responds when added to a new room, accepting a new direct conversation, and receiving messages like “hi,” “help,” or “hello.”

Review Process

While reviewing your submission, we’d like to make sure your app is addressing a key customer need, has a great user experience, and follows our submission checklist. The review process normally takes between 2-4 weeks. Cisco performs a brief testing before listing the app in the Depot but does not officially certify or support it.

Submit to Depot

Please fill-in valid entries in all fields. Cisco will review your submission and update you on the status via email. You can do multiple submissions if you have more than one Bot or Integration.