Additional statuses for the People API

By Adam Kalsey on Thursday, March 9th 2017

A few months ago we added the ability to retrieve a person’s status from the People API. The available status options are expanding to include a few more in addition to active and inactive.   People can now also be Out of Office (OutOfOffice)...

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Welcome to Berlin: Cisco Spark ISV Partners at Cisco Live!


At Cisco Live Berlin 2017, Cisco Spark ISV Partners will be participating in full force whether that is exhibiting in the Collaboration Partner Village in the World of Solutions or showcasing the technical abilities of their offers in the DevNet Zone....

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Hello, Botkit! A Very Warm Welcome to


One of our favorite parts of the Cisco Spark dev community is how open it is. There’s something exciting for devs at every stage of their journey, whether they’re old pros in the Cisco Spark Depot or just starting out — and that makes...

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Testing the Administration APIs


Since we introduced Administration APIs this past October, you have asked how you can build and test with these APIs without being an administrator in your organization. To help with this, we have created a Administrator Sandbox organization that we can...

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You are likely to be eaten by a bot: Behind the scenes with Zork.


Last week, we introduced a bot that allows you to play the classic text adventure game Zork in Cisco Spark rooms or over SMS through Tropo.   Here’s how the bot works (links to the source code repo are at the end of this post).   First,...

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Play Zork by Spark and Text Message


You can now play Zork in Cisco Spark. Add to a Spark room, or start a direct conversation with it, and you’ll be invited to play the classic text adventure game Zork: The Great Underground Empire - Part I.   Each room...

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Presence comes to the People API


Earlier this week, a new feature was added to Spark to tell you if a person is available or not. Based on your usage, we determine if you're actively using Spark and then in the client, help people understand if you're online or not by saying something...

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The Big Cisco Spark for Developers Fall Events Wrap-up


We have had a pretty busy couple of months around here at Spark for Devs. We've been spreading the good word about Cisco Spark to events around the world. I just wanted to take a minute here in this blog post to wrap up what we've been up to lately....

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Notice: Cisco Spark Depot Replaces the Cisco Spark for Web Integrations


With the recent launch of the Cisco Spark Depot, the Cisco Spark Depot replaces the Cisco Spark for web integrations. So you will no longer see the Add Integrations option in Cisco Spark for Web. In each room, you will now see a link to the Cisco Spark...

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A Tour of the Cisco Spark Admin API


Last month, we announced a new set of resources to administer Cisco Spark. Thanks to the new administration REST API , you can now not only add Users to an Organization, but also modify Users’ Roles or check Licenses.   One obvious point is...

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Changes to the Download Limit


This update applies to those sending or retrieving message attachments using the Spark API. Download and upload limits of message attachments are limited to 100MB in size - this effectively means you can upload a file 100MB or smaller, or download a file...

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The Cisco Spark Depot: Bots and Integrations Have Arrived


We’ll admit it: the Cisco Collaboration team is a little obsessed. When we’re not rolling out new products to help transform the way you work, we’re busy improving platforms you already use. Why? We believe in the power of continuously...

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Spark Apps Community


Say “hello” to my little friend...   Since bots have been the popular buzzword this year, we want to make sure you’re not missing out on all the action. Collaboration tools are evolving and integrating fast. Whether you’re...

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Enhancements to the People API


This update applies to those using the People API. We are making enhancements to support one’s own avatar. This will be available in the coming weeks with more details.   We focus on providing you the best features and experience. If you have...

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Announcing Admin APIs


Hello everyone,   We have received feedback from our growing partner community about Admin APIs. We are happy to announce the upcoming availability of Admin APIs. You may tentatively see them on the Spark for Developers portal in the next few...

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Changes to the People API


Hello everyone!
This update applies to those using the People API. We are adding additional attributes to the /people resource. New attributes include firstName, lastName, and timeZone information of the people.
We focus on providing...

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Import a postman collection for Cisco Spark, or contribute your own!


Cisco Spark APIs comes with a great companion — its interactive documentation - that lets you quickly experiment with the API. If you have not tested it yet, take a minute to create a room.. and don’t miss the “Test Mode" toggle button...

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Cisco Spark at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco


This year in San Francisco, the Spark4Devs team was there to watch as some talented coders used our APIs to hack their way through the competition and emerge with some pretty amazing projects!   Take for example, PepperHealth which uses Cisco Spark...

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Make Your Spark Bot Smart: The New API.AI-Spark Integration


We’re very excited to announce one of the newest integrations with Cisco Spark: API.AI. With this integration, developers can use Spark and API.AI to configure their Spark bot with customized, nuanced, human language that enables users to interact...

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The Gupshup-Spark Integration: Bot-Building for Your Business


Today’s business world is filled with applications that deliver unprecedented ease, simplicity, and speed to users in the workforce. At least that’s what they’re meant to do. The best apps –  those that get the most use and...

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Spark GitHub Bot


To help with the understanding of bots, we put together a walkthrough of a Github to Spark integration – official integrations with Github exist now, and will be expanded, so this is purely for demonstration purposes (but you can use the code now...

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It was awesome to see experts come together in a special webinar to teach us all about making a bot in Cisco Spark using! On August 10th, Steve Greenburg from our team and Kurt Collins from joined up to teach the Internet everything...

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IRC to Spark and Back Again


With the recent release of bot functionality for Cisco Spark’s API, we’ve explored methods to integrate Spark rooms with older legacy technology, to bring them into the next generation. With this in mind, we built a Spark bot application that...

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Rate Limiting with Spark API


To protect the Spark environment, the API has rate limits in place for the different resources available for use, such as /messages and /rooms.  These limits will vary depending on the calls being made, how resource intensive that call is on the...

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Downloading a File from a Spark Room


If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I retrieve a file using the API – it’s just a URL with an encrypted ID!”, this example should hold the answer.  It uses a bot to download a file sent to a 1:1 room (a conversation...

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Uploading Local Files to Spark


Uploading a remote file to a Cisco Spark room using a web-accessible URL is fairly self explanatory -  just supply the URL in the “files” field of a create message request:

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Using a Webhook Secret


The recently released advanced webhooks include the ability to define a “secret” in your webhook, which will pass along with your webhook as a header called “X-Spark-Signature”. This can be used to validate a request is coming...

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Using Webhooks - Rooms, Messages, Memberships and More!


Webhooks are nearly universally implemented and loved in APIs of all shapes and sizes, and the Spark API is no exception. While we launched with just an outbound messaging webhook, the advanced webhook expansion reflects a plethora of options (even a...

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Spark Bot Demo


This quick walkthrough is intended to give you a very simple Spark bot that responds to commands typed into a room with a few example responses – nothing too fancy, but easy to build on. The commands will be passed to the bot using mentions –...

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Highlights from Cisco Live in Las Vegas


It has been quite a week for Cisco! Cisco Live is always a good and exciting time for everyone involved. If you follow this blog, then you've seen all the awesome announcements and improvements we've made to Cisco Spark, and if you followed #CLUS on...

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Using the Teams API


Teams are an integral part of Cisco Spark, allowing anyone to create a space for your real-life team to discuss projects and make decisions. Teams can be function specific – support, engineering, marketing – or specific to projects, with...

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Bots, Webhooks, Teams and Message Formatting - Oh My!


Cisco Live! is here, and after a breakthrough event in Berlin for the Collaboration business, we’re super excited to land in Las Vegas and share what’s new with our partners in the U.S.   Just this morning we rolled out  a bunch...

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How Cisco IT uses Spark and Redbooth


One of the most exciting integrations to come to Cisco Spark is from task management company, Redbooth. So when we heard that our very own Cisco IT had been using Redbooth for years, we had to find out more! Prior to Spark and Redbooth, they were using...

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Spark for Dev and Tropo at Cisco Live!


This is what happens in Vegas. Cisco Live is the premiere event in the US for all things Cisco-related and Spark and Tropo will be there to show off our APIs and showcase the partners who have decided to integrate with us. There will also be plenty of...

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Spark Your Collaboration - Bot 4 Bot Program


How easy is it to build integrations to Cisco Spark? I think it can be very simple, and our partners seem to agree.   Over the past few months, my co-worker, Joe Hruska, and I have been doing everything we can to educate the Cisco Partner community...

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How to Use OAuth to Request Permissions in Spark


If you want to do something (like creating a room, or sending a message) on Spark on behalf of someone else, you need to request permissions to the person by Spark OAuth function. This application provides you with a user interface (web) where the person...

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ICYMI: Relive the Magic from Startup Bus and Boulder Startup Week


Last week, we put a bunch of Cisco Spark and Tropo developer mentors on buses around the country and watched as teams of “buspreneurs” created products and companies as they trekked to Boulder, CO over four days from six points around North...

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Think. Build. Hack. All at TechCrunch Disrupt New York!


TechCrunch has once again Disrupted New York and they took Cisco Spark and Tropo with them. In a race to be the biggest and brightest tech startup, innovators from all over converged in The Big Apple to realize their dreams by building their apps and...

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Changes to the Rooms API


Hello everyone!   This update applies to those using a query parameter to display a SIP address for a Room. The ability to request a SIP address for a room has been removed from the /rooms and /rooms/id API call. It was a pre-production feature...

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HackDFW: Too Much Fun!


“Wow! Cisco DevNet is so awesome to be one of the only sponsors left this late at night. Thank you for being so supportive!" ...

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QWASI Makes Marketing Loyalty Programs Better with Collaboration


You’re standing outside waiting for a bus on a cold day.  You don’t really *need* a coffee because it’s mid-morning and you’ve already had two cups.  But what if your favorite coffee shop around the corner reached out at...

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Three Hackathons. One Weekend.


Last weekend, over 2,100 hackers gathered at three separate events around the U.S. to build some inspiring bots, use cases, and applications using the Tropo and Spark Platform APIs. HackDFW provided students with an unparalleled environment for...

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Welcome to the Spark Game of Life!


People have been asking us – how do you use the Cisco Spark APIs?  At Cisco Live! Berlin, Cisco DevNet attendees met the Spark Game of Life for the first time – one of our favorite early examples of the Spark platform APIs at work. The...

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Building a Spark Automated Translator Without Writing Code


This is a guest post from Fred Nielsen. Nielsen is a long time convergence and collaboration architect working for ePlus, focused on delivering solutions that mesh seamlessly with customers' existing business environments.  ePlus is actively...

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Developers Hack Away Hospital Wait Times


Everyone knows that long hospital wait times are the norm, not the exception. Backups at various points in the patient care journey cause this issue. A key driver for long wait times is the lack of systematic patient visibility. The issue is further...

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